Hey everyone, I’m a brand new variety streamer on the scene and I’m inviting you to join me as LoFi_Historian! I’m a PhD* military historian and animal conservationist who wants to mix my love of history and nature with gaming. So feel free to come chat about literally ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY (as well as the best ways to NOT piss a honey badger off) … Continue reading =CITIZENS, THE LOFI EMPIRE NEEDS YOU=

Public Talk – 4 August 2018

I will be speaking at the Congolese Civil Society symposium on 4 August 2018 at the Iziko South African Museum. My talk will be on the mining of nuclear resources and their humanitarian consequences. If you have any interest in World War II, African history or it’s present, please do come join us. There will be a host of other speakers and it promises to … Continue reading Public Talk – 4 August 2018

Our Podcast has Launched!

AND WE ARE LIVE! Citizen Historian has officially launched a podcast! Find us now on iTunes by searching “Citizen Historian” or through your favourite podcast app! https://itunes.apple.com/…/p…/citizen-historian/id1406860035 Our first episode is about African Superheroes where we interview the creators of South Africa’s first true superhero: Kwezi! Thank you to Loyiso Mkize and Clyde Beech for the amazing interview! If you liked what you heard, please leave us a positive review and … Continue reading Our Podcast has Launched!

African Vampires and the Folklore Podcast

I am a huge fan of the Folklore Podcast. I find the host, Mark Norman, to be an eloquent writer and speaker and his podcasts contain some incredibly detailed pieces of research. Recently he uploaded a show on vampires and their folklore, but shortly after this first of two episodes there was an outburst of mob violence in Malawi that saw nine people killed as … Continue reading African Vampires and the Folklore Podcast


I am a historian who has been studying the South Africa Border War in detail for almost a decade. I am currently completing my PhD at Stellenbosch University and my topic is on what SADF soldiers did when not in combat and/or during recreation time, and specifically when deployed in Angola and on the Border between 1966 – 1989. I’m looking for stories, photos, videos, … Continue reading VETERAN STORIES NEEDED

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“History isn’t just about the past anymore!” Join Garrett E Eriksen in Citizen Historian as we journey through the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of our past, present and future! Robotics, dinosaurs, comics, ancient battles, cosmic forces, political intrigue – everything is up for discussion and no subject is safe! Time to get Historical! Garrett E Eriksen is a historian, traveller, conservationist, writer, … Continue reading Welcome!