My name is Garrett E Eriksen. I am a historian, lecturer, conservationist, photographer, film maker, cook, writer, kaiju hunter, heavy metal enthusiast, geek and your host to all things historical! (Also, I clearly have way too many interests!)

I am a PhD History candidate based at Stellnbosch University in South Africa. Academically speaking, I mostly work with war veterans on their war-time experiences and also do work on lesser known wars and battles as I feel they also need exposure and study… (not every war was World War II – I’m looking at you History Channel.) However my interests range to African History & Politics, Military History, Cold War Studies, Geopolitics, Environmental/Conservation History, Film Studies, and Popular Culture.

I want this blog to be a space where I can have fun and share interesting thoughts, but also write more detailed articles than what my Podcasts or Facebook posts allow for, and where I can deal with more difficult subjects in a more complex manner.

I hope to share some of my passion and findings with you and to tell stories long into the night.

I’m looking forward to hearing your stories in return :)


Feel free to follow me at:


Me pointing at a thing…

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