Hey everyone, I’m a brand new variety streamer on the scene and I’m inviting you to join me as LoFi_Historian!

I’m a PhD* military historian and animal conservationist who wants to mix my love of history and nature with gaming. So feel free to come chat about literally ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY (as well as the best ways to NOT piss a honey badger off) while we jam something fun!


=What kind of content can you expect from me?=

🐅Livestreams from my family’s conservation facility: the Cango Wildlife Ranch (you can watch me pick up animal poop!)

🧠Witty and interesting chat filled with fascinating facts, stories, and actual Human Empathy(TM)!

🗣Guest speakers from many different fields and backgrounds (and totally not just random homeless people dressed in wigs)!

🏺Gaming and content involving exploration, archaeology, history, science, evolution, animals, the environment, and much more! (Just don’t ask for anything involving maths…)

🎧And of course, plenty of LoFi music! (though, I do like me some rock🤘)

See you there!

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