Podcast Episode 3 – The Recce [Show Notes]

The Recce is a newly released film that explores various emotional and historical themes against the backdrop of the South African Border War as well as the elite reconnaissance unit that served during this conflict known as The Recces. In this episode, we interview director Ferdinand van Zyl about his film and also explore his responses to criticism from the Border War veteran community. An enlightening and controversial interview about a very important aspect of South African history.

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Film review: https://www.channel24.co.za/Movies/Reviews/the-recce-20180920

Contact Ferdinand at: ferdinand@manmakesapicture.co.za

Learn more about the South African Border War here: https://thecitizenhistorian.com/2015/05/30/the-south-african-border-war/

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 3 – The Recce [Show Notes]

  1. Arrogant to write this script, be taken to task about inaccuracies and then only after being threatened with legal action, condescending to change the most menial bits.
    Its a travesty, an embarrassment to the Special Forces and aimed at gullible civilians.
    Ferdinand van Zyl, your movie sucks. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    1. Thank you for your comment.

      It’s not my film but I did enjoy it and I do support it so let me add my 2 cents worth:

      It’s a work of fiction and entertainment, so of course there will be inaccuracies. But even so, many of the inaccuracies people are upset about were imposed on the film by the actual Recces organisation, who also signed off on the film. You are also being unreasonable, of course there will be a response after legal action is threatened, though it doesn’t seem to have much grounds and seems reactionary at best. But that’s not my domain to talk about.

      You’re welcome to your opinion and to hate the movie with all your might, but your reasoning leaves much to be desired and I don’t think you paid much attention to his answers in the podcast if you’re still this upset about it. I also don’t think you understood the movie, which is fine because it’s not for everyone, but then rather than being upset about things that don’t apply (for example, historical inaccuracies in a clearly fictional movie) you should support that people are trying to tell stories and trying to understand a time that still affects all of us in South Africa.


  2. Queane du Toit, you did not even take the time to check who produced the movie, and who reviewed it, and interviewed the producer, and you have comments regarding inaccuracies?

    I hope you see how it makes you look.

    I will watch the movie, and try to watch it for what it is. And then I might have an intelligent comment. I just love people who refuse to watch it, and have comments regarding any aspect of the story, depictions or fairness or accuracy of the portrayal.


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